Sunday, May 18, 2014


After nearly a year away from sewing for my souk, I took my left over wares to a bellydance workshop/show weekend hosted by the Bellydance UW (Madison) club, and sold a bunch of stuff!  It was certainly a motivating reminder of how much I love to CREATE, and how fun it is to make money off of my creations.

For the past year, all of my creative juices have been soaked in WEDDING.  Jesse popped the question last year on Memorial Day weekend at his parent's house, and since then we have been enjoying the planning and crafting processes that will make our wedding really personal.  We are making faux mercury glass vases as centerpieces, and we went to antique stores to buy depression glass plates under them.  Then I have been cutting runners for 20 tables, designing a candy buffet, creating a wedding website, and doing graphic design for thank you cards, banners, etc...  Don't get me wrong, it has been fun, but it has also been A LOT.  ;)

...And the icing on the cake has been my amazing student troupe, Aylin.  I have this HUGE group of amazing ladies (and one male dancer) who I am choreographing for.  It is so rewarding and fun to put together big group pieces with multiple parts and lots of different dancers, but because I take it so seriously, it is also really stressful at times.  ...And on that note, I need to jet to teach at A Perfect Knot.