Monday, July 16, 2012

Sasha helps out

Red steampunk skirt with black &white accents
 Today was the second day that Rosie went to doggie daycare so that I could get some sewing done upstairs in the loft.  Since I signed up to vend at Shimmy in the Grain, I know I'd better get some new stuff crafted up.

I spent the majority of my time working on some new jersey-knit skirt designs that I'd like to release as a practice or daytime skirt version of the steampunk skirts.  I came up with the idea while doing some deep relaxation at yoga classes last week--although my mind was wandering away from my shavasana, I didn't feel too bad because I was having such creative thoughts.

Sasha and supplies
I did manage to spend about an hour on my latest order from my souk, a lovely cherry-red steampunk ruffle butt skirt for one of my students, Wendy. 

Sasha was so happy to have me all to herself that she was determined to help out.  I certainly hope that Wendy isn't allergic to cats, because Sasha kept flopping down on the fabric, rubbing on the trims and jumping into my lap while I was sewing.  At one point she actually nipped me when I tried to move her to the ground because I had to do some ironing!  I think she felt a little neglected because this is her first summer sharing me with Rosie, our rescue pug who needs A LOT of attention.  So, Sash was purring loudly all morning and afternoon while I worked. 

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