Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crafting before Housework!

The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary.  ~Mary Kurtz

Dishes piled in both sides of the sink, scraps of fabric and thread trailing behind me like bread crumbs, and a craft-loft that looks like a fabric bomb went off---This is the current state of my house.  Again today I pushed normal responsibilities aside to sew.  

Accompanied by rain (the first in literally months), Rosie's snores, and "ROME", I made some serious headway on my belt for my upcoming performance at Shimmy in the Grain in two weeks with my bellydance students.    

I am really excited about the belt -- it truly is unique and artful.  I was beginning to feel afraid that I wouldn't have anything for myself to wear, after working so hard on costuming to vend at the event.  (Of course the costuming I perform in should be just one step up from the costuming I vend).

Here is the outfit so far.  I actually wasn't going to wear these together, but I think they look cool with the mirrors as a tie in between the pieces.

 Unfortunately tomorrow I'll have to get down to business at the house before I host some of my bellydance students for a crafting party!  The loft needs to be... at least inhabitable - and probably vacuumed...!  Yikes!

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