Friday, July 20, 2012

Durable laces: tatting and macrame tutorials

For some reason, the fall always makes me feel the pull towards macrame.  Last fall I bought tons of glass beads and pendants and made elaborate mini macrame necklaces for my family.

This fall, I have been intrigued by tatting...  It is like macrame lace!

Here are some videos I watched... the ladies make it seem so easy, but it must not be!  In the first video, I appreciated the clarity of her instructions and the images.  I could really see what her hands were doing. 

In this video, I really liked her soft voice and cute accent.  Of course, those won't help me tatt, but it made it very enjoyable to watch.

Unfortunately you can't see her hands clearly because of the light, but she does the stitches several times, which will be helpful when I'm trying it on my own.

Ultimately I think I'm going to look for a book to combine with these videos... and I'm also getting excited about regular micro macrame just watching these tatting videos.

Here is the site I learned (and relearned in part, because I used to make lots of chevron bracelets when I was in middle school) the basics of micro macrame.

I will definitely post pics when I'm done!

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