Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tea Party

Last night for Tashar's birthday, we celebrated by having a tea party at Dobra Tearoom in Madison.  It was a really lovely night - full of sipping delightful teas, tasty morsels, chatting, and celebrating.  The beautiful atmosphere and the comfortable environment was perfect for a bellydancer's birthday party.  We agreed that we want to have meetings there for our troupe, Ashar Dance Company, in the future.

As a gift to Tashar, we went in together (as is troupe tradition) to buy her a gift certificate to a fancy spa - with the intention that she get a pedicure and foot massage.  Although it was expensive, we felt it was worth it for a new mommy and good friend.  I also found a fantastic card, covered in glitter, that had a vintage-collage look to it with a woman kicking her feet up in the air while lounging on a chaise, covering her self in a huge pink lotus flower.  Perfect! 

I drank one of their Puer teas, which had a hearty, earthy flavor.  It also had some digestive benefits...!  Unfortunately it kept me up late into the night, which I didn't expect, but it did help me get some much-needed cleaning done in my bedroom, which is almost always a crazy mess of costuming, sewing projects, and clothing that I'm mending, altering, or just neglecting to hang up...

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