Friday, April 9, 2010

New Artist's Statement

Taken from the first three drafts, here's my newest Artist's Statement:

My first memory of crafting is with my grandma. She was quilting by hand with and elegant sewing hoop. I remember the rhythm of her arms, the glint of the needle in the afternoon sun, while I played with a piece of thread and a stray downy feather at her feet. Grandma took me in her lap and carefully showed me how to use a needle and thread – how to create the union of the needle and fabric. My very first creation turned out ot be a Xmas ornament on her tree – a ball of wadded white felt with zig zags of colored thread running through it.

Now, just as then, I love to play with color, lines, thread tention, and gathering fabric. In my souk, I continue to celebrate the way that crafting connects me to the feminine spirit. I celebrate the whimsical, the elegant, the extravagant that I find inherent in femininity.

I like to spread all my feathers out in front of my on my maple-red stained coffee table. I want to make a temptle to do my work: a sacred space where I move wordlessly. My red coffee table becomes a beautiful altar where I pray with deft hands, smoothing feather stems and I make wings that never existed. I want to create fashions, accents, accessories that bring out eclectic juxtapositions: the “Gypsy” dancer with Victorian frivolity, a wild spirit with structured steampunk elements.

I believe that Art is our effort to communicate our fundamental beliefs about the world. My art embodies a sense of freedom, vivacity, and wonder that I want to commemorate in all of us.

This rollercoaster ride called "Life"

Wow.  So much to say.  I don't know where to begin...
Engagement.  Wedding plans.  Bridesmaid dresses... Distractions. Long conversations at midnight in the dark...
Job searching like it's a full time job on top of my 3 part time jobs...!
Interview - yesterday.
Sasha purs when I come home.
The sun is finally out.
My pepper plant grew a baby pepper!
And now today I struggled not to hit snooze too many times so that I could get ready for this weekend's vending, performing, and teaching at Northland Bellydance Forum!  After about an hour of packing, I'm nearly there.  I realized I need bags for things I sell, a revised artist's statement, and tags and safety pins for new items.  Shopping after school today and then I'll hit the road... 
Oh, and I can't forget to print off directions too!