Thursday, March 4, 2010

Revised Artist's Statement and new Biography for

My first memory of crafting is with my grandma.  She was quilting by hand with an elegant sewing hoop.  I remember the rhythm of her arms, the glint of the needle in the afternoon sun in her den in front of the picture window, while I played with a piece of thread and a stray downy feather at her feet. 

Grandma took me in her lap and carefully showed me how to use a needle and thread - how to knot the end so that the knot stops the thread from escaping the union of the needle and fabric, how to gently push the needle through the fabric without poking yourself.  My very first creation turned out to be a Xmas ornament on her tree - a ball of wadded up felt with zig zags of colored thread running through it. 

Now, just as then, I love to play with color, lines, thread tension, and gathering fabric.  Although Grandma has passed, and we can no longer craft together, in her old age she was very proud of my creations that I brought to show her in the nursing home. 

In my souk, I continue to celebrate the way that crafting connects me to the feminine spirit.  I celebrate the whimsical, the elegant, the extravagant that I find inherent in femininity.  I want to create fashions, accents, accessories that bring out eclectic juxtapositions: the "Gypsy" dancer with Victorian frivolity; a wild spirit with structured steampunk elements.

All in all, I've just always loved to play with thread and feathers, and now is no exception. 

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