Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Monday Monday, Can't trust that day..."

Yesterday it felt like nothing was working out!  I got to work, only to find out that my gourd that the students and I use as a maraka in our poetry jams at the end of class broke and fell on the floor before I came in this morning.  Then during staff meeting a teacher and I got into a conflict that completely blindsided me!  It really, really stressed me out.  Then, when I went to the gym, all of the eliptical machines were being using for the first 30 minutes.  I decided to do weight training, until one opened up, but then when one did, I was already in the middle of weight training and felt like I should finish that first.  When I finished weight training, the elipticals were all full, so I just went home.  :(  Booo!

However, today is already starting out better.  Birds are calling outside my window.  I am going to stop at the bank before work to cash 3 checks, which will fix some financial headaches, and then I am going to continue my job search online by stopping by EPCS to pay to reactivate my job search account and pick up a copy of my credentials.  In general, things are looking up.

AND, I am going to start my day out with yoga and crafting.  Before even leaving my bedroom I found a tight red tshirt that I wanted to finger crochet.  I cut tiny slits in the shirt, crocheted a line down the front of the shirt, and two wider lines down the shoulders.  It looks great, and I can't wait to wear it for some yoga! 

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