Monday, February 15, 2010

V-day 2010

Well, my honey and I had a great Vday this year.  It actually ended up being a whole weekend o' love - complete with aphrodisiac cookbooks, flowers on Friday afternoon, laughter, staying up till dawn, and "Rocky" movies.

Although I didn't get much crafting in, I did go shopping to JoAnne's fabrics and bought some absolutely LUSHIOUS rayon jersey blend fabric that will make stunning arm warmers for Mahela and I during our gig on Friday night. 

I also knitted furiously on my bamboo beanie.  Black and grey stripes and all mine!  :)  It is turning out beautifully soft and seriously eco chick!

Lastly, though crafting was at a minimum, I did do a great deal of cooking this weekend.  The aforementioned aphrodesiac cookbook came in handy this weekend.

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