Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Up and at 'em!

After starting a new medication a few weeks ago, my normal sleep-in sleep schedule has been completely overhauled!  As if a little google calendar gnome went into my head and adjusted my biorhythms so that I'd wake up early instead of late - I absolutely cannot sleep in anymore.  This morning I was up at 6 am, which, if you know me, is an astronomical feat!  Not that I was someone who couldn't get up early, but I abhor being up before the sun, and usually wake up with an alarm if I have to get up before 9 am.  My natural rhythm of life and sleep used to get me up pretty regularly at 9am - week day or weekend.  Now my body is up and at 'em at 5 am or 6 am without fail! 

The good news is that I've been incredibly productive these mornings; usually working on crafts, making breakfast, cleaning my house, and doing things that usually fall to the wayside in the busy tides of life.  The bad news is I go to bed at like 10 pm now!  Lame!  I hate to go to bed so early, but I'm completely exhausted like an old bitty by the time evening comes. 

Today I'm going to clean my apartment and put the finishing touches on a bedlah for a performance this weekend.  Will post pics tonight or... perhaps tomorrow morning.  Well, off to get up and at 'em!  Who knew that days were so long when you're up before the sun?

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