Monday, February 8, 2010

Tutorial: Rumba Ruffle Pants for Bellydancers

Recently I had a request for a tutorial on how to make ruffle pants for bellydancers on my Ayperibellydancer's Souk Tribe.  Since it's not an original design of mine, I felt completely comfortable sharing the way that I've figured out how to make them.  There are many ways I'm sure!  These pants are inspired by the beautiful pants made by Kathleen Crowley. 

Yoga pants that are stretchy and boot cut
3 different kinds of lace in 2 yard sections
scissors for fabric
fabric pencil/chalk/marker
tape measure

1. Assemble materials.

2. Put on the pants to determine how high you want your ruffles to start - above or below the knee? With a fabric pencil, marker, or chalk, mark this spot on both legs. Take the pants off, and using a straight edge, draw a line across the front and back of your pant leg at the mark where your first ruffle will go.
3. Measure 4 inches down from that spot, and make another ruffle line (be sure to go all the way around the pants because sometimes lace can get slippery on the machine and you'll be negotiating a lot of fabric, so you can lose your place easily).
4. Continue making ruffle - lines until you're 10 inches from the bottom of the pants. If it doesn't line up exactly, that's OK. Make sure your last ruffle line is 10 inches or less because this affects your pant's inseam, and you can always remove more easily than adding back on...!
5. Now, take the lace you want to use for the top ruffle, and cut into a ten inch wide strip (along the long side of the 2 yard fabric piece).

6. Cut out four of each different type of lace (I'm assuming you'll make 6 layers of ruffles on each leg).
7. With a sewing machine, rouch or gather one of the long edges of the lace on each strip of lace fabric - this is what will attach to the pants, making the flouncy ruffle.
8. Using pins, line up the rouched lace edges with the lines on your pants. You will have to adjust the tightness of the rouching/gathers so that the lace is the correct length to travel around the pant leg. (NOTE: if you use tapered leggings, you must allow the leggings to stretch as you sew on the lace otherwise the legging will be too tight at the bottom and will feel uncomfortable.).
Good Luck!

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