Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tribal Union 2010

Seana, Misha, and I packed up costuming, makeup, dance clothes, notebooks, and made our merry way to Milwaukee for "Tribal Union" - a day of bellydance workshops culminating in an evening Tribal Bellydance showcase.  The event was hosted by Tamarind Tribal, an American Tribal Style bellydance troupe.  It was a fun day of ATS workshops lead by Jen Nolan, Tamarind's leader and teacher, during which I alternated dancing and taking notes to rest my legs and gluts, which are still incredibly sore after my fall on the ice on Friday afternoon.  However, 4 ibuprofen and lots of stretching throughout the day kept me going strong.  Our performances, though still not perfect, were good and very strong - perhaps even the best we've ever done the pieces! 

Today though, I woke up with a stiff back, sore everything, and a tummy ache.  Too much medication caused the stomache pain, and not enough stretching post performance is to blame for the muscle soreness.  Yikes!  I can never get motivated to stretch post performance.  For one thing, I'm tired, and for another, I feel like I deserve to get out of uncomfortable costuming to rest!  Usually there's also a time constraint as well - friends waiting, a show to see (in last night's case), or money to pick up (in the case of bellygrams).  Nevertheless, I still need to start stretching after dancing because today I am going to need to take the first class's warmups just to be able to dance!  :P

Last night there was the added stress that I felt really lonely for J.  He's been studying for the comprehensive exams to pass his graduate program to get a Masters in philosophy, and it's been incredibly stressful for him.  So much so that I haven't seen him in 3 weeks!  We both feel like this is too long to be without each other, but there's nothing we can do now.  He has to study, and I had been madly preparing for this show at Tribal Union.  Last night, I felt a little bit of a let down post-show.  I wanted to celebrate, but had no one in the audience.  This is one of the first bellydance performances that Jase has missed since we've been together!  This, coupled with Misha's incredible happiness and adoration for KJ, who was able to make it last night due to her own modelling gig in Milwaukee, made me feel really sad.  It is almost a post-partum feeling after a performance, and it comes more quickly when I don't have a way to celebrate the successes of a gig. 

All in all though, it was a day worth the pain.  I got lots of compliments on our costuming and choreographies - both of which were designed by me, so that was very gratifying.  I woke up early this morning (again!) feeling better emotionally, motivated to work on improving the choreographies and finish choreographing for my classes today.  What more can one ask for?

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