Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Recharging through Mania!

After many nights of insomnia (due to waking up early, early in the morning - ugh!), and several rehearsals already this week, I was nearly extatic that my bellydancing classes were canceled at Dance Fabulous tonight.  Not that I don't love teaching dance, but the classes have been frustratingly empty lately, and I was glad to take a break from the hustle and bustle of my busy schedule.  Because class was canceled due to snow, I took the opportunity to ask Mahela, my troupe mate in Ashar Dance Company, about cancelling rehearsal tonight as well.  The chance to have a stolen evening at home was just too good!  Aside from that, she and I are not in a crunch for rehearsal in any way.

Anyway, what that all adds up to is a free night for crafting!  With projects on a hold (waiting for payment for my last wedding), shipping and packaging done for now, I'm happily free to work on whatever I whimsically choose!  :) 

Tonight, I decided to let fancy take me into the dangerous but exciting rhelm of clothing alteration.  I was quite successful in taking in a beach dress, which was transformed into a slinky evening gown, and I also had good luck with separating an unflattering wrap dress - creating a bellydance choli and a wrap skirt.  I didn't completely finish the choli, but I DID make some very kick ass arm warmers out of remnants from the dresses. 

Both of my alterations tonight, one of which I'm sitting at my computer wearing at this moment, were red dresses that I felt inspired to work on because of the looming holiday -- Valentines Day.  I find myself too excited about it - making plans, spending money, and fantasizing about getting a ring from Jason.  I know that I let myself get caught up in making holidays PERFECT, which they inevitably don't turn out to be, which ends in disappointment or depression.  I'm trying to be reasonable about Valentine's Day, but I also am clinging to whatever source of joy and excitement I have right now.  Winter really is wearing on me this year, and although I usually like the cold, I am less than enthusiastic about it right now.  :P

*sigh*  I'm off to finish some more projects and continue watching "Rocky II" while I craft.  Wheeee!

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