Thursday, February 4, 2010

DONE, finito, terminado, fini

Last night in a flurry of creativity, I finished wedding flowers for Sara334 and Shotdoc.  Sarah's fascinator can be seen at left - complete with real baby ostrich feathers in creamy ivory, hand curled biots in almost-white, and tufts of white marabou.  Into the feathers nestles a beautiful vintage button from Rubfig.

I also finished Shotdoc's Aussie steampunk wedding set - bridal fascinator and three maids' fascinators with gears, cogs, brass flowers, hand curled peacock spears, and lots o' love! 

So exciting!  Tomorrow will be a fun day at the post office!  I have 3 different orders to package and ship.  Guess I'd better get up early.  : D

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