Saturday, February 27, 2010


Lately my insomnia hasn't been such a bad thing.  I've been remarkably able to focus on projects early in the morning, and despite the fact that sleep is necessary to ward off insanity... I seem to be doing well on 3 - 5 hours a night!  Hopefully there are no long term ramifications of this, but for now the immediate gratification of finishing TONS of projects during the wee hours of the morning has really overshadowed any downside to not sleeping.
I made these armwarmers to match my "Ashar Dance Company" tank top in red:

Now, 6:15 am, I've already straightened my hair, taken a shower (reverse order), painted my nails, picked out my outfit for the day, gotten dressed, and finished adding trim to Mike's new belt.  I still have to pack food and pack up my costuming, and then I'm good to go.
Wow... a wave of sleepiness just hit me.  Maybe I'll go lay down for a while...

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