Friday, January 29, 2010

Joining the Technorati

Today, I'm commiting to improving this meager blog. 

I started by reading the article on's Storque Blog "How to Start a Blog." 

In the article, I learned the importance of ~
  • Posting everyday (don't disappoint your readers!), 
  • Open and honest postings about more than just your work (give them juicy and interesting details about your life - not just business announcements!),
  • Tips on how to post pictures. 
I also learned about the "Technorati," which, aside from sounding like a very cool, high-tech secret society, is aparently a great way to find and list blogs. 

So, this morning over my daily sugar-free vanilla skim latte from Manna Cafe (my indulgence that I absolutely can't let go of...), I am sitting at work updating my blog, learning how to be a better blogger, and trying to pretend I'm high tech... at least enough so that the Technorati will accept me into their elite blogging society!

I was told that I needed to enter a code... Here it is: PHQF7QWUSH7Y

Is that enough?  Will my blog make it into the technorati's rankings?  Will I ever have more than 1 follower? 

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