Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting Inspired

"I shut my eyes in order to see."

~Paul Gauguin quotes (French painter, printmaker, and sculptor, 1848-1903)

How I get inspired:

When I start to craft, what I like to do is spread all my supplies out in front of me on my maple-red stained desk-turned-coffee table (by sawing off it's legs - no I didn't do it, I just found it that way on the curb downtown) and then I'll sit back on my futon looking at everything.  Sometimes I go to the kitchen to get an apple and peanut butter to munch on.  Usually I put on an old movie that I've seen 100 times (lately Twilight has been in frequent rotation while I'm crafting), and sometimes I'll lean forward toward the table's pile of fluffy marabou, heavy stacks of peacock feathers like lincoln logs, bins of beads, and deconstructed silk flowers in front of me.  Sometimes I run my fingers over the feathers, petting them like cats.  Sometimes I'll make little piles of like colors. 

And other times, I know exactly what I want to do, and I'll take out the glue and felt backing, and get right to work.

I usually work at night.  I have a night job, so I work by incandescent light at midnight most often.  Many times I light candles or inscence to make my apartment smell more like me and less like my neighbor's foreign cooking...  I want to make a temple to do my work: a sacred space where I move wordlessly.  My red coffee table becomes a beautiful altar where I pray with quick deft hands, smoothing feather stems as I combine feathers to make wings that never existed.

Writing this, I smile at the thought of my table as an altar - my chipped, sawed-off, glue-marked, burned, pocked-faced table.  It is the perfect height for me to kneel humbly there- my knees fit just right underneath it's height.  It is somehow right that this secondhand sacrificial lamb should become an altar --- like the Littlest Angel's gift to God in the book that my Mom used to make us read every Xmas...

Man, I want to go home from work to craft now!  :)

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