Monday, January 4, 2010

Back in the proverbial loop, so to speak...

After about a month away from my etsy store, bellydancing, costuming, and creating-custom-crafts-for-sale, I'm back!

I spent the last month channeling my inner craftiness outward to the people in my life ---

knitting warm, fuzzy gifts,

writing holiday cards,

using beautiful tissue paper with coordinating silk ribbon to wrap presents,

nesting with Jase---making elaborate, beautiful dinners for he and I,

super-decorating my apartment for the holidays -- lights, tree, and all! 

Overall, it was a fun and rewarding experience to give lovely handcrafted, wrapt, and written gifts and cards.  I noticed also that I managed to avoid the things that usually make me feel so cantankerously cynical around the holidays --- long lines, plastic consumerism at the malls, overly religious cards, cut-throat holiday shoppers, and obligation- or duty-based gift giving. 

Late last week I started work on a hat for Jase - a black and charcoal striped beanie in silk bamboo yarn with a nice stretchy rib.  I was so pleased with the results (which took me about two weeks to acchieve due to experimenting with different needle sizes and patterns for the yarn), that I started knitting a new project - a beret for myself made from the same silk bamboo yarn.   I haven't knitted anything for myself in a really, really long time (years), so this will be fun (and a little challenging because of my crafty perfectionism... which goes into over drive when making something for myself.  I'd rather rip something apart than keep it and not wear it!).  I really want to learn to make crocheted flowers for the beret - wouldn't that be cute! 

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