Monday, November 2, 2009

Tramps and Thieves...

I've really enjoyed the custom orders for wedding flower sets that I've gotten this fall.  It is so fun to collaborate with a bride who's coming up with color combinations, flower ideas, and a vision of what she wants her "big day" to look like.  The brides I've worked with have been sweetly excited about their flowers and custom orders.

However, it hasn't been entirely fun and games!  First, one of my packages of supplies for a wedding in January was stolen from in front of my apartment door.  That's right.  Bad vodoo karma mysticism vibes are coming that thief's way - let me tell you!  The worst thing is that when this foolish thief stole my package, they didn't realize that they were getting lavendar freesia stalks in silk, green ivy, and delicate white lily of the valley bushes...! Geez.  What are they even going to do with that box?!  I wish they'd just give it back to me.

Unfortunately when I complained to management, they claimed there was nothing they could do. They have installed cameras in some areas of the buildings, but other than that they can't do anything.  *Hrumph!* 

Tonight I reordered the supplies from the same vendor, but shipped them to my boyfriend's house with hopes that they'd be safer in transit there.  I sent an etsy-convo to the buyer apologizing and giving them a discount on the item they ordered. 

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