Monday, November 9, 2009

Marvelous Musings

I've learned that I really like Ranunculus!  I think it looks nice with the pearls and beads nestled into the petals - like a delicate bird's nest.

I ordered some tiny white ranunculus flowers online from, and I was very pleased with them!  They are like these tiny bells, just waiting to be filled with white pearls, shells, and glass beads.  I think I shall use these to create my bridal hair piece, which I've been working on designing for about 4 months now.  So far, I know that I want to have two flowers - one at each temple - that hold my hair back and hold up a silver chain circlet, which I think I found the perfect bead for!  I ordered everything on this week, and I'll surely have many new ideas once I see the actual beads.

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