Monday, November 16, 2009

Have a little help from my friends...

Although I was proud of being a ONE-WOMAN-MACHINE - doing all the financial investing, designing, creating, photographing, modeling, and listing of my creations - all by myself, I finally had to ask for a little help from my friends. 

Paula White, a dance student of mine, offered to come over to my apartment to take some photos of my goods.  It ended up being a very successful afternoon! 

This is one of the photos that Paula took of me in one of my new fascinators.

I was so pleased with the photos of my work that I recruited a few friends to model my fascinators at the dance studio this weekend.  Although we didn't have the gorgeous late afternoon light that Paula and I worked with (on my balconey), I think I got some beautiful shots of the flowers in different hair.  Specifically, I recruited Kelly and Ra, who have very beautiful and unique hair.

I'll post pics when I manage to get them off of my camera...

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