Monday, October 26, 2009

Wow! Vending is super fun!

After a very busy weekend spent traveling, vending, taking workshops, performing, and then coming back home to Madison again to teach and take a class here, I am exhausted! 

Luckily today I got to sleep in.

I had an amazing time vending at Full Circle Bellydance Festival in Cable, WI at the beautiful and scenic Telemark Lodge

I also got a chance to spend some quality time with my Mom during slow hours in the day while the event attendees were in workshops.  We had a great time setting up my store, having a nice leisurely lunch together, and taking a Raks Assaya (Egyptian cane dancing) workshop from the beautiful and talented Aliayah Sahar, one of the workshop instructors and featured headliner for the event.

Upon returning home, I was happy to discover that I more than paid for my travel, workshops, and expenses by vending.  I'm definitely considering do this again!

PHOTO: Sarah, a bellydancer from Northern WI, modeling her favorite veils in front of my traveling souk.  In addition to my own bellydance wares, I also vended a few hand dyed silk bellydance veils for my friend Vashti.

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