Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have had some left over teensy, tiny flowers -- you know the little ones that come on a flower stalk that are supposed to look like emerging buds?  I generally deconstruct a silk flower, and recreate it, replacing insides with beads, changing the petal layout, and creating something new, so as far as my normal creations go... those little flowers are useless. 

However, it struck me that they'd look BEAUTIFUL emerging from a bun, french twist, or up-do!  I've decided to call them "EMERGING" and I'm selling them for very inexpensive prices.  I'd like to give them with items sometimes too - because they match other altered flowers in my shop.  I think it would be so beautiful to wear a bun, twist, or up-do with a fascinator on one side and an emerging bud coming out of the other side of the bun, tying the entire hair style together!

I took this picture of them in one of my hand-folded boxes, which I'm planning on stocking up on for this weekend...  so much to do!

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