Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cappuccino and Cream

Last night I spent a stolen night crafting and watching old movies on ancient VHS tapes that my mom brought me from her basement. I made beautiful fascinators with ivory, bleached peacock feathers, cocoa-and-cream-striped-feathers, and stripped white hen feathers.

At 10pm, I decided to forge forward with the fascinators, and stayed up late with my camera, photographing, uploading, and listing. The computer portion of my store is most certainly my least favorite part, perhaps because long hours in front of a monitor are often a part of my other career... But I have to admit to nerdily having a great time geeking out with a thesaurus looking for silly and extravagant names for my soft, sweet creations, like "Cappucciono," "Caramel," "Sepia," and "Intrigue."

*ahhh* Life is good.

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